The exhibition Por um sopro de fúria e esperança intends to share with the public the impacts of climate change and its social, historical, political and environmental consequences. Curated by Galciani Neves and Natalie Unterstell, the show seeks to listen to different cosmovisions, which observe and project extreme weather events, chronic water shortages, the advance of the sea over the coasts, decreased food productivity, extinction of species, etc. For that, it counts with works of about 165 artists, among them Sandra Gamarra.

The artist participates with the work Yacimiento [warehouse], in which she continues her method of appropriating images and questioning art through painting. In her installation, second-hand landscape paintings and mirrors are superimposed and propped against a wall in the exhibition space as if they were waiting to be hung, or packaged. Thus losing an independence conferred by the white cube.

Landscape painting emerged in European art in the 15th century, seeking to apprehend the reality of a territory through the representation of a wide view that contemplated the local fauna and flora. Very quickly, this genre becomes synonymous with reality. Sandra Gamarra highlights how this conception of reality is partial, which, pretending to be neutral, excludes other cosmovisions. In pre-Columbian cultures, for example, nature was represented in a symbolic and abstract way, because rees, animals and rivers were considered deities, who coexisted with men and were worshiped by them.


Por um sopro de fúria e esperança, group show

Dates: 10.30.2021 – 01.30.2022 / wednesday to sunday – 11am – 5 pm

Where: MuBE – St. Alemanha, 221 – Jd. Europa, São Paulo – SP / previously scheduled visits only