The artist Rebeca Carapiá is participating in the exhibitions “​​Fazer o moderno, construir o contemporâneo: Rubem Valentim” and “Direito à forma”, both at Inhotim. These exhibitions are part of the Abdias Nascimento Program and the Museu de Arte Negra and will be on display until next year. Featuring a diverse range of artists and techniques, both exhibitions present different possibilities of the Black presence in the field of art and are curated jointly by Igor Simões, a guest curator, and the institute’s curatorial team, including Lucas Menezes and Deri Andrade, assistant curators at Inhotim.

In “Fazer o moderno, construir o contemporâneo: Rubem Valentim,” Carapiá participates with the series of sculptures “Topografias da maré soterrada.” Informed by racial and environmental conflicts in the Península Itapagipe, Cidade Baixa, Salvador, her twisted iron sculptures take on the topographical design of the territory.

“In this exercise of radical imagination in which I intend to provoke a discussion about environmental racism, I have found a dialogue in the materials that have inhabited this territory in the past and present, especially iron and copper that have been a part of my journey since childhood when my siblings and I used to collect scraps of copper wires and plates from the streets to sell,” comments the artist.

In “Direito à Forma”, the artist exhibits the installation “Corpo Elétrico 01: Raiva, suor e sal“, displayed for the first time at the 3ª Frestas – Trienal de Artes do Sesc Sorocaba in 2021. Comprising 30 sculptures made of solid copper on iron bases, Rebeca works with the materiality of metal. Considering copper as a conductor of energy, the artist proposes an invisible and spiritual dialogue between the artwork and the bodies that experience it: “here, a space of attraction and repulsion is created, where you can leave something and also receive something. Copper has the ability to electrify, induce, and enable change and movement,” highlights the artist.


Fazer o moderno, construir o contemporâneo: Rubem Valentim, at Galeria Lago (eixo rosa) Dates: 23 September, 2023 until September, 2024

Direito à forma, na Galeria Fonte (eixo amarelo) Data: 23 September, 2023 until March, 2024

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