Known for the use of oil on canvas, the artist brings to the exhibition “Janelas” [Windows] her most recent work. In her first solo exhibition in Portugal, the artist presents new pieces, in which she incorporates real decorative elements into her paintings, such as blinds, curtains and lace. The exhibition remains open for visitation at Kubik Gallery from July 7 to September 10, 2023 and features a critical essay by curator Alexandre Melo.

In her body of work, Ana Elisa researches the genres of Interior and Still Life painting, portraying domestic environments in a virtuosic way. There are rooms, tables and windows, full of everyday objects, such as dishes, utensils, fruits and vegetables, in which affective memory mixes with references from the history of art and architecture.

At the same time, in this set of works, the artist expands her particular vocabulary by representing banal everyday objects in small format, such as soap dishes and plates, and incorporating real decorative elements into her canvases, adding yet another narrative and fantastic layer to her work.

“The overlapping of real props takes us to the dimensions of theatrical scenography and dramaturgy, and in the field of visual arts to assemblage, reinforcing a passage from the world of window-painting to the world of theater-painting”, comments curator Alexandre Melo .