About cookies

Cookies are information stored by websites on computers, maintaining browsing preferences. This allows you to identify whether the same browser made a previous visit to the site.

Which cookies are used by Galeria Leme and why?

General use: They serve to provide and enrich your experience on the site through your browsing habits without identifying you by name. They facilitate and assist the user in receiving and filling out forms.

Security: Protect and allow you to browse our environment in full functionality with authentication to prevent fraud.

Which data is collected?

Type of browser and its settings;
Navigation preferences;
The IP address from which the device accesses the website or mobile application;
Information about the geographic location of the device when it accesses a website or mobile application.
Navigation habits to map which areas are visited
Time interactions, estimate what was the period of stay on the site

Can I be identified through cookies?

If you are accessing the site as an Anonymous User, Galeria Leme will only have access to your browsing profile information, but will not be able to identify you as an individual.

The storage period may vary. However, the User may delete cookies by configuring his browser.

Can I prevent such information from being collected through cookies?

It is possible to disable the collection of cookies in your own browser settings.


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4.4. The User hereby agrees and acknowledges that the contents of the website and of the Galeria leme Collection made available by Gal