Artist Tiago Sant’Ana, represented by Galeria Leme, was awarded with the ZUM/IMS 2021 Photography Grant to develop the project “Chão de Estrelas”. Aiming to foment research in the visual arts field, especially photography, the grant selects original projects to be developed over eight months. The final result will be part of the Instituto Moreira Salles’ Contemporary Photography Collection.

The main axis of “Chão de Estrelas” is the investigation of escape and liberation strategies in the Brazilian colonial period, understanding the reverberation of these tactics in a contemporary representational imaginary. “This project is part of an opportunity to try to re-imagine the history and memory of Brazil in a perspective that escapes from a model of single history that was produced, above all, under a Eurocentric vision”, says the artist.

Through the creation of fictional images inspired by local narratives and/or popular sayings, the project will create a kind of “escape imagery inventory” composed of four photographs and a video art.