Search : Ericka Felipe Cama

11/05/2009 - 20/06/2009

In his solo show at Galeria Leme, Felipe Cama presents Search: Ericka (2009), a biography narrated from the result of the search for a name (“Ericka Ehrhorn”) in Google. Based on these results, Ericka’s life is depicted in 35 oil paintings, representing the most significant events of her life: her birth, her childhood, her family, her affections, the places where she lived, her hobbies, her marriage, the motherhood experience; all the important moments in the life of somebody, found through the resulting links of a Google search.
The paintings depicting the events in Ericka’s life were found and chosen by the artist on the web, on websites such as Google, public photo albuns like Flickr, on Google Earth and on Google Maps. For each event of the narrative the artist¬ has chosen a corresponding image on the web.
The paintings are arranged in chronological order, from Ericka’s birth until her most recent record on her found on the web. Paintings of the web pages with the records are alternated with paintings of images that represent the events.
Narrative part real, part fictional, the work tells the story of somebody’s life based on the information available to anyone with access to the worldwide web. By narrating the biography based on these informations, without the knowledge of the portrayed person, “Search: Ericka” proposes a reflection about the information flow on the web and its credibility and quality.

About the artist:
Felipe Cama (Porto Alegre – RS, 1970) lives and works in São Paulo.

Recent exhibitions: Usina do Gasômetro, Porto Alegre (2008); Centro Cultural São Paulo (2007); Museu de Arte de Ribeirão Preto; Museu de Arte de Blumenau (2006); Galeria Leme, São Paulo (2005).