Rosana Palazyan

23/09/2006 - 20/10/2006

Galeria Leme presents Rosana Palazyan’s most recent work, made after intense field research, one of the landmarks of her artistic proposals.

For this exhibit, Palazyan has gathered information from stories of success, juxtaposing what has been shown in most of her previous work. Now she has been talking to those who have managed to have significant positive transformations in their lives; these stories will be presented in a delicate manner, with pieces which shall relate to Galeria Leme’s dense architecture, its building constructed all in bare concrete. Delicate handmade sheds will be installed in the gallery’s walls and some will contain small embroideries, representing each of these stories. Considering the idea that a person’s identity is in the palm of its hands, Palazyan has drawn the lines of hands of those which are no longer living on the streets, represented through embroidered fabric tissues, as though written in a book. It is worthwhile noting that the narrative shown in the artist’s former work is presented in a much more subtile and abstract manner.

The artist has also planted weeds – those which grow where they are not wanted – in the small spaces which connect the concrete blocks which make up the gallery. These weeds represent criminals which live on the streets, giving an even more dynamic aspect to the overall installation.

Rosana has invited biologist to work alongside her in the opening day, whom will participate in the performance scheduled at 12h.

Rosana Palazyan has participated in the XXVI São Paulo Biennial, 2004; presented solo exhibits at São Paulo’s Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB), 2004 and in Rio’s CCBB in 2000 as well as in Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Rufino Tamayo, in Mexico, 1999; amongst her group exhibitions are Monobras Radicais, CCBB, São Paulo, 2006, RAMPA, ASU-Arizona State University, USA, 2005 and Homo Ludens, Itaú Cultural, São Paulo, 2005.