Obra Reciente Juan Iribarren

01/08/2013 - 24/08/2013

Galeria Leme is has the pleasure to present the exhibition Obra Reciente (recent works) by Venezuelan artist Juan Iribarren. Comprised by a series of recent oil paintings and photographs, the group of works seeks to point out the artist’s abstract vocabulary and, at the same time, to blur the evident distinction between paintings and photograph.

In this exhibition Juan Iribarren continues his investigation on the accumulation of geometric structures overlapped on colored fields of gestural execution. They are composed by specific light situations that happen in his studio throughout the day. The artist perceives these light and color variations inside this same space, showing the action of natural environmental aspects on objects previously handled by him.

As a result, the work is presented as a juxtaposition that seems impossible and contradictory of the geometry and the atmosphere (space/density) and the luminosity (light/color).

In spite of having the painting as central media of his artistic production, his work is also developed through photography, creating works that shifts the matters of painting when confronted with the unmistakable immediacy of the photographic lens.

In this digitally manipulated photographs, the geometric structures and the atmospheric qualities in his repertoire appear gathered in a new perceptive abstraction.

About the artist:

Juan Iribarren (Caracas, 1956). Lives and works in New York, USA.

Participant in the 30th São Paulo Biennial, amongst his exhibitions stand out the solo shows: Henrique Faría Fine Art, New York, USA (2011); “Obra Reciente”, Faría + Fábregas, Caracas, Venezuela (2009) and the group shows: “Nuevos Vínculos”, Selection of works from the 30th São Paulo Biennial, Hacienda La Trinidad Parque Cultural, Caracas, Venezuela (2013) and “Then & Now: Abstraction in Latin American Art, 1950-Present”, Deutsche Bank Gallery, New York, USA (2010).