Guaritas Elaine Tedesco

09/08/2005 - 13/08/2005

“Guaritas” is the series of photographic projections in urban spaces that Elaine Tedesco is carrying out this year. The work, initiated in Porto Alegre, will be presented in São Paulo in August and in Belém in September (Illustrated Cities).

The guardhouses that Elaine Tedesco photographs are minimal and precarious constructions, marked by use and time. The Guaritas series, like the recent proposals presented in the artist’s book “Uncertain Overlays” (São Paulo writings, 2003) and in the Urban Overlay interventions project, Porto Alegre, 2004, extends the photographic process to other stages – design and documentation.

Displaced from one place to another, the images of the guardhouses do not have a specific destination; they migrate from one city to another, from one building to another. Through slide projections, the images of the guardhouses return to the urban space as luminous transparencies that subvert their original scale and are once again photographed.

The exhibition consists of printed photographs, lightboxes, and projections.