Fantastic Martin Sastre

25/08/2005 - 10/01/2005

A Galeria Leme is presents “Fantastic.”

This is the latest work by Uruguayan artist Martin Sastre – created especially for Galeria Leme and also the first presentation in Latin America of his recent video – “Diana – The Rose Conspiracy,” a fiction-based video on the story of Princess Diana.

What is the Rose Conspiracy?

It’s a highly secretive plan where Princess Diana was rescued after her enemies attempted to kill her in Paris in 1997, relocating her to Montevideo, Uruguay, under a new identity.

Today, the Princess lives an anonymous and happy life in a favela near Montevideo, teaching yoga, dancing with the neighbors’ children, enjoying life more than ever, and having a 22-year-old boyfriend named Washington. She can do all the simple things she couldn’t do when she was a public figure.

Who’s behind all this?

The Good Girls. A highly secretive female society that has been fighting against male power and absolutism since the beginning of our civilization.

Princess Diana, as one of their most important members, is under their protection and guardianship. After Lady Di became the most famous person in the world during the ’90s, other secret forces attempted to kill her in a car accident… without success.

Do you think all this is a simple coincidence?
What would have happened if Diana had been in New York on September 11, 2001?
Can you imagine the Princess at Ground Zero?
Can you see her visiting the victims of the tsunami?
Or imagine her married to Dodi and perhaps with a little Muslim child today amidst this culture of fear and terror.

The Power of Diana

Her media power and strength in all her actions attracted all attention, and this isn’t good. Shortly after the car accident of Princess Diana, Mother Teresa passed away. Charles and Camilla married a few days after the death of Prince Rainier of Monaco, showing that in today’s world, there’s no more room for fairy tales and fantasies… it seems like fear, terror, and ugliness are the only values we’re witnessing at the beginning of this century.

Princess Diana of Wales represented this idyllic world.
The utopia, where values considered feminine like glamour, love, and care can be lethal weapons to change the world.
She was more dangerous than Bin Laden.
She was blonde…

Martin Sastre

Martin Sastre, Uruguayan – lives and works in Madrid, Spain – Participated in international biennials like the III International Biennial of Mercosur in 2001, I International Biennial of Prague in 2002, VIII International Biennial of Havana in 2003, and recently the XXVI International Biennial of São Paulo in 2004. In 2004, he was elected the best artist under 40 by ARCO – International Contemporary Art Fair of Madrid and was awarded for it. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in various countries, including the United States, England, Spain, France, Australia, and China, among others.