Cityscapes Group exhibition

25/10/2006 - 25/11/2006

A Galeria Leme is pleased to present the collective exhibition “Cityscapes,” featuring works by Richard Galpin, Kristina Solomoukha, Katrin Siguroardottir, and Idetsuki Hideaki.

Four artists of different nationalities explore the architecture and culture of major metropolises through various media.

Richard Galpin, English, presents two new works from his series of “peeled photographs,” based on the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Galpin creates his pieces by using a photograph as a base and then “draws” onto it with a stylus, removing the photographic emulsion and recreating the work. “Images of downtown buildings in these cities result in organic shapes, in a chaotic atmosphere, similar to the qualities of the Paraisópolis favela, which gives its name to one of these works,” says the artist.

Kristina Solomoukha, Ukrainian, contributes to “Cityscapes” with a canvas painting. This was the first piece created in the gallery Leme’s studio during her residency in Brazil from August to October. Kristina is also present at the 27th International São Paulo Biennial and the 2006 Seoul Biennial.

Katrin Siguroardottir, Icelandic, considered one of Iceland’s most esteemed artists, displays three drawings at Galeria Leme; her work had not previously been exhibited in Brazil. These drawings depict the deconstruction of architectural environments, using overlapping lines over various shades of gray. Currently residing in New York, she also has a solo exhibition in October at PS1 MoMa. The essence of her work lies in the relationship between the viewer and the artwork.

Idetsuki Hideaki, Japanese, a promising conceptual artist, presents the video “Last Land,” filmed on the Shimokita Peninsula in northern Japan. With a duration of 88 minutes, the piece shows a fisherman at sea hunting for tuna, considered one of Japan’s most precious fish. “In this work, I seek to highlight the distance between the image and reality and capture the emotions of ordinary life,” explains the artist.