Aos Nossos Olhos Nina Pandolfo

03/06/2008 - 02/08/2008

Galeria Leme is pleased to present Brazilian artist Nina Pandolfo’s solo show “Aos Nossos Olhos”. Nina started grafitting São Paulo’s walls in 1992, being one of the country’s pioneers in street art. She is also part of the group that led graffiti to museums and art galleries.

The main subjects of her work are children and nature. Nina Pandolfo is fond of creating girls with naughty faces and huge eyes which express secret feelings that mirror the soul. She explores and confronts issues of children and adults and their relationships with each other. She also gives importance to small insects in her murals and paintings, recognizing the beauty in all animals.

In “Aos Nossos Olhos”, Nina Pandolfo will cover some walls around the gallery with grafitti, indicating the way to the exhibition, where she will show four sculptures and seven paintings.

The sculptures, made of resin, latex and cloth, represent girls painting and playing in a ludic moment, as if problems were something unimportant, the impossible did not exist and dreams would always come true.

The paintings are also made of mixed media, including CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements and crochet pieces applications. They represent those girls’ imagination mixed to an adult outlook.

Nina Pandolfo’s work grapples the universal themes of internal and external identity. Her purpose is to show that we can look at life through a simpler angle, with more hope, love and sincerity. She also wants draw attention to the fact that the same image may have many different meanings.

Nina Pandolfo was born in São Paulo in 1977. She lives and works in São Paulo and has participated in various projects and exhibitions, such as: Wholetrain Project – Nordeste tour, Recife, Natal e João Pessoa, Brazil (2007); Beyond Streetart, Düsseldorf, Germany (2007); The graffiti Project, Glasgow, Scotland (2007); Wholetrain, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2006); 9º Bienal de Havana, Havana, Cuba (2006); OutSide, Wuppertal, Germany (2006); Ruas, Itaú Cultural, São Paulo, Brasil (2006); Sub-Glob, Örebro Museum, Örebro, Suécia (2005); Lead Poisoning, New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA (2005); Art Meeting in Tokyo, Japan (2005); Art Meeting, Athens, Greece (2005); Kusthpark, Munich, Germany (2005).