Ana Elisa Egreja

23/11/2013 - 18/01/2014

In her first exhibition at Galeria Leme, Ana Elisa Egreja presents a series of new works that continue her investigation on internal spaces and her built imaginary through symbols and patterns.

With a growing focus on the environments, Ana Elisa painted interiors from images of houses and other inhospitable and abandoned places, and transformed them into sites full of narratives out of her technical perfection and vibrant palette. These narratives are indicated by the small objects that appear in the canvases and by the possible connections between scrapped elements, normally arising from different countries and ages, which she makes cohabit in the painting, as in a big collage. Each canvas presents a distinguished world. At one time what would be a comical chronic, and at others a tale of the most delirious fantastic realism. Ana Elisa keeps provoking the viewer in search of traces to fit a narrative of multiple possibilities.

The painter seeks, through light, colors and ornaments, to create environments that transmit the viewer a utopic sensation of harmony, beauty and comfort, and ends up creating illusive places.

In her recent production it is notable the abundance of glasses, in which the artist precise and delicately exercises her pictorial technique to create the visual sensation of stained glass windows very close to real ones, which the light seems to cross. Using sometimes thick strokes to paint the stained glass and at others tiny brushes to paint hammered glasses, Ana Elisa manages to print in the screen the intricate forms and light beams that each kind of glass transmits.

In this series, the artist turned to the architecture and migrated from rococo coverings to a more geometrical moment, leaving the canvases emptier and taking as reference, besides the glasses, the demolition, old pattern and Athos Bulcão’s tiles.

In this same date it will be also held at Galeria Leme the book launch of the artist, which has an extensive interview with the journalist Juliana Monachesi and critical text by Tiago Mesquita.

About the artist:

Ana Elisa Egreja (São Paulo, 1983). Lives and works in São Paulo.

Amongst her exhibitions stand out the individuals Dark Room, Galeria Laura Marsiaj, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2010) and Temporada de Projetos, Paço das Artes, São Paulo, Brazil (2010) and the collectives Seven Artists from São Paulo, CAB Contemporary Art, Brussels, Belgium (2012); Os Dez Primeiros Anos, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, São Paulo, Brazil (2011) and Vestígios de Brasilidade, Espaço Santander, Recife, Brazil (2011).