Takes place this Saturday (August 21th) the opening of the 3rd Frestas – Triennial of Arts of Sesc Sorocaba, curated by Diane Lima, Beatriz Lemos and Thiago de Paula Souza. Entitled “O Rio é uma Serpente”, the exhibition intends to look at non-hegemonic forms of existence and the paths they invent. It presents works by 53 artists and artistic groups of different nationalities, including Rebeca Carapiá, represented by Galeria Leme.

Nominated for the PIPA Online Award 2021, the artist presents the installation “Campo Elétrico 01: Raiva, Sal, Saúde e Tempo”. Composed of 30 solid copper sculptures on iron bases, Rebeca works with the materiality of metal. Considering copper as an energy conductor, the artist proposes an invisible and spiritual dialogue between the work and the bodies that experience it: “here a space of attraction and repulsion is created, where you can leave something and receive something too. Copper has this ability to electrify and induce and enable change, movement”, highlights the artist.

The installation is a branch of her research started in the series “How to put air in words”, in which Rebeca builds her own type of writing from the twists of copper: “I created a way of writing to say without explaining, just as I listen to the strength of copper while it is being bent and twisted.”

For more information, visit: https://frestas.sescsp.org.br/

Instagram: @frestas.trienal.artes