Photo: Eduardo Secci Gallery

The artist José Carlos Martinat participates in the group exhibition Le contraddizioni della fragilità, in Florence, Italy. Curated by Angel Moya Garcia, the show will be on going at Eduardo Secci Gallery until November 6.

The exhibition focuses on the theme of fragility and its declinations, exploring the contradictions that conceal behind its definition analyzing the different contexts where the term has been used: society, culture, economics, science, and philosophy. A series of meanings and interpretations wherein the fragility is considered in its derogatory connotation inviting us to contemplate it as doubt and uncertainty,
fail and its acceptance or weakness of our beliefs. This ancestral and hypothetical antagonism caused by the sharp opposition between fragility and stability or durability is questioned by the show pointing out infinite possibilities of mistakes, the superficiality of certain categorical reflections, and prejudices of our principles in chasing absolute objectivity that allows us to reach a definitive emotional, cognitive, and identity stability.

José Carlos Martinat’s production (1974, Lima) is dictated by close connections with the social, cultural, and political environment of Latin America. Moving between different genres, he creates a particularly well-known series that has graffiti as its source, which he appropriates through extraction from their places of origin, giving them new life as works of art. In their monumental fragility, they maintain the emotional tension that generated them. The intrinsic instability of their creative nature is reflected in the limbo of dreams, false promises and corruption of the political class and the resulting popular reaction. 

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