Rumor Regina Parra

01/10/2009 - 08/11/2009

Mezzanine: Screening of videos by Carla Chaim and Antonia Dias Leite

In the solo exhibition “Rumor,” Regina Parra presents a unique series of paintings created from surveillance cameras, alongside a site-specific installation where she blurs the roles of surveillant and surveilled.

The exhibition aims to reflect on control and uncertainty in today’s world, expanding on the research the artist initiated in the collective exhibition “2000eOito” in São Paulo.

Cities, streets, and buildings are monitored by CCTV. There’s always a security camera nearby. The society of spectacle is a society of surveillance: lights, camera, action. But what action is this? What exactly does the image capture?

As written by Arlindo Machado in “Máquina e Imaginário,” “on the screens of surveillance monitors, even the most ordinary of men, as in Kafka’s novels, seem afflicted with guilt; the scenes persistently resemble the landscape of a crime about to be committed.”

In this territory, everyone is suspicious, and nothing is certain. Nothing. In Regina Parra’s work, situations gradually reveal themselves, never entirely – like a rumor that spreads without confirmation or denial, leaving a trail of apprehension and unease.

About the artist

Regina Parra, 28 years old, holds a degree in Fine Arts from Faap. She studied at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris and at the Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro. She took Theater Arts courses at ECA/USP and was an assistant director to Antunes Filho for three years.
In 2009, she was selected for the Paço das Artes’ Project Season, where she held the solo exhibition “Mise-en-scène.” In the same year, she was selected for the 37th Salão de Santo André and participated in the collective exhibitions “Nouvelle Vague,” curated by Jacopo Viconti, and “Alcova,” curated by Marcelo Campos, both at Galeria Laura Marsiaj in Rio de Janeiro.

The previous year, she took part in exhibitions such as “2000 and Eight” at SESC Pinheiros in São Paulo; “Contemporary Brazilian Art: 18 proposals” in Belo Horizonte; “As Constituições do Brasil” at the Museu de Arte Brasileira (MAB-Faap) in São Paulo; “Group 2000e8” at the Museu Victor Meirelles in Florianópolis; “Encontros com Arte: Pintura Contemporânea” at Escola São Paulo; among others. She received the first prize at the 38th Faap Arts Annual in 2006.