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Outras Coisas Visíveis Sobre Papel |


Galeria Leme presents Outras Coisas Visíveis Sobre Papel. The show will bring back a device created by Mel Bochner in 1966 in the exhibition “Working drawings and other visible things on paper not necessarily meant to be viewed as art”, at the Visual Arts Gallery in New York.

Following the device elaborated by Bochner, which gathered aesthetic positions through a network of collaborations and explored the possibilities of reproduction and propagation of artistic ideas through simple and accessible resources, this exhibition invited more than thirty artists to send a drawing, note, sketch or any other kind of project that can be presented in a A4 paper sheet and photocopied in black and white. Each of these sheets will be copied 200 times and the piles made by them will be positioned in simple folded cardboard bases, which will be distributed along the exhibition space, leaving all the walls in blank.

The invited artists come from all over Brazil and are fully engaged in the maturation of their poetics and creative processes, many of them unknown to the art public and some of them already acknowledged by their participation in biennials, both national and international. The diversity in their artistic route and references should mirror to the many given answers to the conditions that generated the show, from the ones based in the graphical field use of the paper to those that use text and conceptual propositions to be achieved by the visitors. The public will be able to take copies, which, in some way, are interesting to them, and the show will go on even if some of the copy piles get to their end.

The exhibition proposal was elaborated by Paulo Miyada as an answer to Galeria Leme’s invitation of presenting a cutting of recent experimental Brazilian production, composing it’s schedule for the São Paulo International Biennial opening period. It is a platform for the crossing of poetics and conceptual researches and a space for the presentation of an intriguing group of artists to the public. Alan Adi, Elaine Arruda, Rodrigo Garcia Dutra, Vitor Cesar, Carolina Cordeiro, Fabiana Faleiros, Fernanda Furtado, Marcius Galan, Clara Ianni, Graziela Kunsch, Jaime Lauriano, Cristiano Lenhardt, Fernando Vizockis Macedo, Mariana Mauricio, Luciana Magno, Mariana Manhães, Jessica Mein, Bruno Mendonça, Alice Miceli, Matias Monteiro, Marcelo Moscheta, Ismael Monticelli, Virgílio Neto, Rafael Pagatini, Douglas Pêgo, Fernando Peres, Armando Queiroz, Leticia Ramos, Luiz Roque, Felipe Salem, Cleverson Salvaro, Gustavo Speridião, Gabi Vanzeta, Jimson Vilela, Michel Zózimo, Roberto Winter, will be at the exhibition.

Curator Paulo Miyada

Paulo Myada is a contemporary art curator and researcher. Currently coordinates the Nucleus of Research and Curatorship at Tomie Ohtake Institute in São Paulo and is part of the curatorial team at the Rumos Artes Visuais program.