Percepção Group exhibition

27/01/2010 - 13/03/2010

Galeria Leme opens 2010 with the group exhibition “Perception” with the artists Tove Storch, Natalia Stachon and the group AVPD.

Tove Storch, Danish artist based in Vienna. In her works Storch explores the conventions and boundaries of sculpture, leading to extreme materials used, for example, in “Untitled”, 2010, large sheets of paper dipped in concrete. The material known for its strength and solidity is placed in a situation of great fragility. Tove Storch took part at the 31st Panorama of Brazilian Art at the Museu de Arte Brasileira of Sao Paulo (MAM – SP).

The show also features the Polish artist Natalia Stachon, who is based in Berlin. Instead of a confrontation with supposedly definitive artworks, Stachon develops forms and possibilities of constant change. In doing so she describes the simultaneity of emergence and disappearance as the foundation of art and life. In the exhibition “Perception” Stachon will show two sculptures entitled “Zoning” – irregular cubes made of acrylic and supported by stainless steel pedestals – as well as three new pencil drawings from the series “Territories”.

There are also Aslak Vibæk and Peter Døssing, two Danish artists, the AVPD. In this show the artists present works of the series Transparencies; works composed of semi-transparent acetate sheets overlaid in different positions. This series examines the perception of how the light penetrates the layered transparency film creating vibrant light differentiated surfaces/tones. The visibility of the works depends on the light angle which makes the perception of each work physical because the viewer has to move the body to find the right angle to make the work appear. AVPD will have among other shows a solo exhibition at the Ikon Gallery between the months of September and October in England.